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Three Words to Increase Your Happiness at Work


It takes just three words to increase your happiness at work whether you’re already working at your dream job, learning from a stepping-stone position, or currently filling one of those do-what-you-have-to-do-to-get-a-paycheck roles. Read More >>


10 Reasons To Work Like A Dog

It’s time to learn from our canine friends how to become the colleagues everyone wants to be around. Read More >>

Job Interviews

12 Tips for Job Interviews

Even the best qualified candidates need to be prepared to stand out, put their best foot forward, and land the job they want. Interviewing is a learned skilled, and you can get better with practice. Read More >>

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Training participants are raving!

Very insightful! I feel energized to apply what I learned!

Useful tools and insightful advice for working more effectively!

Lisa-Michelle's understanding of business challenges isn't theoretical. It's from her own experience, which enhances her excellent ability to provide professional training.

Loved the way you transformed abstract concepts with real-world examples.

Great! Clear and practical!

The interactive nature of the session was great!    @acetherace    YouTube